Bodytone Platin - The ultimate set for fast and lasting weight loss!

Keto Protein (x2 Doses)

Keto Protein results in a protein-rich shake that will keep you full and at the same time support your muscles with valuable amino acids. This prevents the unwanted loss of muscle mass during a diet. 

Omega 3

Even if it doesn't seem like it at first, the body needs omega 3 fatty acids to stay healthy in the long term. During a diet, however, the body often does not get enough of these important fatty acids. Therefore, supplementation during a metabolic diet is highly recommended. 

Natural Cleanse

These capsules contain a combination of plant extracts and vitamins to support the liver and biliary function. The liver plays a crucial role in detoxifying the body and is therefore particularly important for a successful diet. 

Keto Day Burn

Keto Day Burn is a fat burner that is particularly suitable for taking in the morning. The combination of caffeine, green tea, ginger and cayenne pepper stimulate the metabolism and thus help the body to burn more calories. 

Keto Night Burn

Keto Night Burn was specially developed to be taken in the evening. The ingredients promote both metabolism and healthy sleep.
Keto Night Burn works without stimulants such as caffeine and is therefore ideal to be taken in the evening.   

Keto Balance

A long-term poor diet often leads to the fact that the blood sugar balance in the body no longer functions effectively. Keto Balance contains a combination of substances that can normalize and stabilize the blood sugar balance.
An effective blood sugar balance is absolutely crucial for the success of a diet. 

Carb Blocker

Carb blocker capsules are taken about 45 minutes before a carbohydrate-rich meal. The ingredients bind the carbohydrates and thus ensure that the body cannot absorb them and convert them into fat.


Glucomannan capsules ensure a feeling of fullness quickly and lead to the fact that you automatically eat less. These capsules are used either before a main meal or when a ravenous hunger attack arises.

Carb Blocker and Glucomannan are your secret weapons for even faster weight loss!