Natural Calcium - organic calcium produced from red algae

food supplement for natural mineralization of the body

Natural calcium contains a purely plant-based multimineral complex from the liththamnion algae with a high content of bioactive calcium. In addition to Calcium, the algae contains more than 72 trace elements such as zinc, iron, selenium or potassium. The lithothamnion algae is harvested off the irish coast in a sustainable manner.

Lithothamnion algae can absorb and store trace elements and minerals from seawater. After harvesting, a gentle drying process is used to process them into powder. This powder has molecules with a highly porous surface, resultin in a high bioavailability of the minerals contained. Because of this effect, our bodies can absorb the minerals much better compared to synthetic mineral salts.

A sufficient mineralization is important for the acid-base balance in the body.  Natural calcium also has positive effects for digestion, the metabolism and mental as well as physical health. Natural Calcium can also be used for sports to compensate for the loss of minerals during physical exercise.

Theeth, bones, nerves and muscles also benefit from Calcium. Our bones and teeth hold most of the calcium in the body which they need to be kept strong and healthy. 

Other important functions for which calcium is needed include healthy blood clotting, as a neurotransmitter in the nervous system and the functioning of our sense of smell and taste.

The capsule shell of our Natural Calcium capsules is made of cellulose so the product is also suitable for vegans.