Carb Control — for healthy and permanent weight loss

In today’s world, keeping one’s body fit and slim is one of the greatest challenges that there are. The wide array of foods that don’t always do the body good is simply too tempting. If you do not always want to eat low carb but enjoy the occasional carbohydrates from time to time, then you can make use of our Carb Control Capsules. The capsules are taken around 30 minutes prior to a carbohydrate-rich meal and ensure that the carbohydrates are bound rather than absorbed by the body. This effect is due to the natural carbohydrate blockers contained in our Carb Control Capsules.


Fenugreek, also known as “Greek hay”, is one of the oldest medicinal and cultivated plants. The seeds extracted from the plant have been used in North Africa and India to treat different ailments since long ago. Next to the impressive combination of nutrients, including iron, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and proteins, fenugreek seeds also consist to 30% of mucilage, giving them an unparalleled ability to bind carbohydrates during food intake. This mucilage also has positive effects in case of digestive issues, coughing or infections in the mouth or throat.

White kidney bean extract is often used in food supplements, since white beans have a relatively high concentration of fibre. Since these fibres are soluble, they help create a kind of a paste in the stomach, which limits one’s appetite and leads to one feeling full longer. The fibre also acts positively on our blood glucose level.  Our Carb Control Capsules contain 1,050 mg per daily intake.