Keto Day Burn — for effective fat burning

A crucial factor when it comes to losing weight successfully and healthily is a well-functioning metabolism. Those who want to lose weight have to begin by burning calories. This only works well in a body that is full of energy and is being supplied with the best available nutrients. Keto Day Burn supports the metabolism in an effective way. 

Green tea extract is a very important component of our Keto Day Burn Capsules. With a total of 240 mg per daily intake, it supplies the body with secondary plant compounds and natural antioxidants that protect the cells against damaging influences. Green tea has similar stimulating properties to those of coffee but is generally speaking more tolerable. Next to Vitamins A and B12, it is the flavonoids that have a positive impact on our metabolism. Together with caffeine (also 240 mg per daily intake), it stimulates thermogenesis, which is the process of burning calories.

Ginger is also present in the Keto Day Burn Capsules with 240 mg. The tuber is filled to the brim with valuable nutrients, such as the Vitamins B3, B5, B6, C and E. But ginger also contains folic acid, riboflavin and niacin. Since the so-called rhizome has been attributed with antibacterial properties, ginger is also considered to have positive effects on our stomachs and intestines. Ginger also enjoy popularity when it comes to the subject of weight loss, as it said to boost the metabolism significantly.

Cayenne pepper rounds off our high-quality Keto Day Burn Capsules with 30 mg. This amount suffices to help stimulate the body’s own calories burning capabilities.