Keto Shake — the healthy meal replacement 

A healthy lifestyle includes a balanced and varied diet. Fresh and unprocessed foods are indispensable when it comes to eating healthy in the long run and losing weight. But new resolutions are not always easy to implement — countless daily tasks and responsibilities often get in the way. Our delicious, protein-rich Keto Shake offers a time-saving alternative that allows you to comfortably replace the occasional meal while doing the body good at the same time.

Our Keto Shake is especially rich in valuable proteins, vitamins and minerals. Per each portion, it supplies the body with Vitamin A, C, D, E, as well as various B Vitamins. This includes Vitamin B12, which is essential for our health and cannot be produced by the body on its own. In addition, the Keto Shake also provides 186 mg of magnesium and 590 mg of calcium per recommended daily intake. Something that not many people know is that magnesium and calcium complement each other. Both are essential nutrients and play a key role in our muscles, bones and nerves. Whilst magnesium relaxes the muscles, calcium is required for their contraction. But iron, zinc and selenium are also part of this nutritious health drink.

Vanilla with a touch of coconut — this would be the best way to describe the experience of tasting our Keto Shake that awaits health-conscious connoisseurs. A meal replacement is not just supposed to be healthy but should also taste good. The intensive vanilla aroma with a hint of coconut makes the Keto Shake a delicious treat and even a meal replacement. Also perfect for on the go!