Natural Magnesium produced from pure ocean water

for healthy bones, connective tissue, and muscles 


Natural Magnesium is a food supplement that supplies magnesium derived directly from ocean water. 

Magnesium is one of the minerals that is absolutely essential for the human body. Because our body is unable to synthesise it , we need to get the magnesium from the food and drink sources. 

The magnesium in our Natural Magnesium Capsules is extracted exclusively from ocean water, which has a very high level of bioavailability, so that the body can easily absorb it.   

Magnesium performs many important tasks and is part of many metabolic processes in our body. It supports normal muscle function, which is particularly helpful for very active people. Our connective tissue and our bones also benefit from Magnesium. A magnesium deficiency can cause the cells to age faster and the connective tissue to lose more and more of its elasticity. Magnesium also plays a role in the energy metabolism, the functioning of the nervous system and the synthesis of proteins and in the prevention of muscle cramps.  It activates over 300 enzymes in the body and can help to reduce fatigue and exhaustion. 

Our capsules do not contain any ingredients from animal origin and are therefore also suitable for vegans