Glucosamin & Chondroitin & MSM – formula for healthy joints

Three of the most popular ingredients for active people combined in one capsule


Glucosamine is a naturally occuring substance in human tissue. It is a component of the synovial fluid which is responsible for the lubrication of the joints and joint cartilage, and it also has an effect on the healthy functioning of the joints. With age and in case of a lot of stress on the joints, a dietary supplement, such as glucosamine can be helpful to support the normal functioning of the body.

Glucosamine is responsible for the formation of cartilage, tendons, connective tissue, synovial fluid and joint capsules. Healthy cartilage serves as a buffer against impacts, and enables the surfaces of the joints to rub against each other painlessly during movement. In order for new cartilage cells to be formed and for the body's own synovial fluid production to be stimulated, it is important that the body has an adequate supply of glucosamine.

Glucosamine can therefore be taken as a preventive measure for joint problems. It can also be used as an accompanying therapy for health problems such as osteoarthritis. Glucosamine has a completely natural, positive influence on stiff, painful or swollen joints. To prevent wear and tear, glucosamine can be particularly useful as we age or if we are very active.

Chondroitin is another component of joint cartilage. It provides elasticity. In addition to its shock-absorbing function, chondroitin also promotes nutrient permeability. Chondroitin is used as a dietary supplement to prevent the breakdown of cartilage. It is also frequently used to treat degenerative diseases of the joints. The efficacy of a combination of chondroitin and glucosamine has been verified repeatedly.

MSM or Methylsulfonylmethane is an organic sulphur compound which is naturally occuring in the human body. 

MSM has many important functions in the body such as helping to stengthen the immune system and supporting the bodies metabolism. Although sulphur is available in many animal and vegetable products, they are often so heavily processed, that the sulphur levels are very low.Our MSM Capsules, on the other hand, represent a convenient way of taking in natural MSM. 

Our Glucosamine/ Chondroitin and MSM Capsules contain processed chitin, which is obtained from the shells of crustaceans.