Iodine — natural thyroid support

The trace element iodine is indispensable for our physical well-being. Primarily, iodine is required for the production of thyroid hormones. Only a sufficient supply of iodine ensures that the thyroid is able to optimally complete its various functions and prevent secondary illnesses such as metabolic or developmental disorders.

An appropriate supply of iodine, however, is not just essential for the support the thyroid: Iodine all plays a role in normal cognitive functioning, our nervous system, our skin and regular metabolism. Iodine requirements also increase during pregnancy and nursing.

The iodine content of the soil is crucial when it comes to the optimal supply of iodine to the general public — since the soil’s iodine content is very low in Germany, it is one of the countries with the highest levels of iodine inefficiency. Almost 30 percent of all Germans are affected. Iodine-enriched table salt is intended to fill this need. Alternatively, algae are another recommended source and can be integrated more easily into a health-conscious low-salt diet.

Our vegan Natural Iodine Capsules contain 150 µg of iodine per daily dose. Our iodine is sourced from kelp extract. Kelp is a brown alga from the North Pacific and contains high amounts of iodine. Next to this, kelp also scores with many other additional minerals, such as magnesium, zinc or calcium, as well as various vitamins. Many iodine supplements are produced chemically and possess neither organic compounds no optimal dosages. Since natural iodine is a completely natural food supplement, the body is able to process it particularly well. And our Natural Iodine Capsules are, of course, completely free of any additives.