Iron - Performance and Immune System Support

Without iron, our bodies would stop working, for the trace element is a crucial building block in the blood component haemoglobin. This iron-containing protein complex transports oxygen around the blood and ultimately ensures that we feel fit and productive.

Iron contributes to the reduction of tiredness and normal functioning of the immune system. In addition, the trace element also plays a role in normal cognitive functioning and energy metabolism. Iron is also key when it comes to cell division. It quickly becomes clear that an optimal iron supply has positive effects on our overall resilience at work and in everyday life.

Iron deficiency, however, is all too common. This is usually due to a diet lacking iron or because the body is having difficulty absorbing the trace element, for example as a result of an intestinal condition or because a certain food product (dairy products, coffee, etc.) is inhibiting absorption. It is especially women of reproductive age that often lack iron due to having higher iron needs resulting from blood loss due to their menstrual cycle. Pregnant and nursing women also have significantly higher iron needs.

Our Iron derived from curry leaf extract is plant-based and impresses thanks to its excellent digestibility. You will therefore not experience the uncomfortable side effects of synthetic iron supplements, such as abdominal pains.

Iron should always be taken together with Vitamin C, for Vitamin C significantly improves iron absorption. This is why we enriched our vegan Natural Iron Capsules with acerola extract. One daily dose provides the body with 14 mg of iron and 80 mg of Vitamin C — completely naturally and without any artificial additives whatsoever.