Selenium — immune system, thyroid and cell support

Those suffering from tiredness, hair loss and susceptibility to infections often suspect a vitamin deficiency. However, all of these symptoms could also be a result of selenium deficiency. Selenium is a trace element that is indispensable for countless functions in our bodies. Since selenium is an essential (necessary for life) micronutrient for life, the human body is not able to produce it on its own and therefore requires daily intake through food. European soil, however, is particularly low in selenium, which is why foods often do not contain sufficient amounts of it in order to meet our needs. Here, taking a high-quality supplement can be highly beneficial.

Selenium has antioxidative properties and can thus protect our cells from free radicals, which are known to accelerate diseases and aging processes. The trace element also plays an important role in our immune system. Furthermore, it also contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and nails and supports the thyroid as well as sperm production.

Our Natural Selenium Capsules impress through their completely natural ingredients. One capsule (daily dose) provides the body with 200 µg of natural selenium sourced from malt extract. In contrast with chemical and synthetic supplements that contain only artificially produced sodium selenite, Natural Selenium offers organically bound selenium in its original form. Thanks to its completely natural sourcing, the body is able to much better absorb and process the selenium, which also improves digestibility. Naturally, we forgo all artificial additives when it comes to our Natural Selenium. Since the capsules are made of cellulose, it is also ideally suited for vegetarians and vegans.