Omega 3 — the fatty acids essential for optimal health

Omega 3 fatty acids belong — next to the omega 6 fatty acids — to the group of polyunsaturated fatty acids and are essential for life. The human body depends on regular dietary intake of these essential fatty acids, for it cannot make them on its own. Here, the right ratio between omega 3 and omega 6 is key when it comes to ensuring optimal health. The average diet is very rich in omega 6 but contains too little omega 3. This is why it is often recommended to balance the fatty acid ratio with the help of nutritional supplements.

The marine omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are considered the most beneficial omega 3 fatty acids and can be found especially in fat-rich cold-water fish like salmon and tuna, or in krill, crustaceans or algae. Plant-based foods such as flaxseed or walnut, on the other hand, only contain alpha-Linolenic acid (ALA), which the body first has to convert into EPA and DHA.

EPA and DHA fatty acids play a significant role in heart and brain functionality, the maintenance of cholesterol levels and our ability to see. EPA and DHA can be found in every cell membrane in our bodies and the production of certain hormones is also influenced by omega 3. EPA and DHA contribute to the normal functioning of the heart and to the maintenance of healthy blood pressure and triglyceride (blood fat) levels. Mothers who consume DHA contribute significantly to optimal brain development in the foetus and in the child during nursing.

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