OPC – a key plant ingredient for good health

exclusively made from french grapes

Many people already swear by a secondary plant substance called "oligomeric proanthocyanidins" or OPC, a natural substance which is found in grape seeds and is  considered a powerful natural antioxidant. 

Products with OPC or more specifically with grape seed extract are often used to treat inflammation in the body or in case of a weak immune system, but also for healthy skin and the cardiovascular system. 

OPC belongs to the group of polyphenols, or more accurately to the flavonols. In nature, the colourless bitter substance is found in various plants such as cranberries, apples, coconuts and peanut skin. Grape seeds have been shown to have a particularly high content of OPC. The oligomers protect the plants from excessive UV radiation and predators. 

A key benefit of OPC is the exceptionally high bioavailability. Because of this, it enters the bloodstream almost immediately where it can easily be absorbed and utilized. OPC’ are also able to bind to elastin and collagen, which is beneficial for the formation of new skin cells. OPC grape seed extract is therefore also popular in the anti-aging sector as it can help to strengthen and repair the skin structure from within. 

The grape seed extract used in our capsules is made from French grapes, using a gentle and solvent free extraction process which ensures that the valuable ingredients remain undamaged. 

Our OPC capsules contain 800 mg of grape seed extract per daily dose of two capsules with an OPC content of 95% according to the Bate Smith testing method and 54% based on HPLC analysis. .