Powerful plant extracts for the active man

Support for stamina and performance 

Staminotax has been especially developed with the active man in mind. This product contains a unique blend of various herbal extracts and nutrients which can help to promote physical strength and endurance, not only for a better sex life. 

Vitamin B6 has a positive effect on the immune- and the nervous system. Zinc is an important mineral with various benefits for the body such as strengthening the immune system and increasing sperm production. 

Tribulus Terrestris, another ingredient of Staminotax is known as a natural testosteron booster, helpin the body to increase it's own testosteron production. 

Ashwagandha, also known as indian ginseng is said to increase endurance and reduce fatigue in the traditional indian medicine. An extract from the mexican wild yam root contains a percursor of diosgenin and can promote fertility and strength. 

Maca has become very popular in Europe. This root, which originates from Peru is mostly known as a libido booster. In it's home country Peru, Maca is widely used as a general energy booster which is even given to children. Maca powder is often added to the breakfast cereal. 

Finally, saw palmetto is a herb from central america which can support a healthy function of the prostate.