Vitamin C — for a strong immune system and healthy cells

Especially when it starts getting colder outside, it is recommended to strengthen one’s own defences in natural ways. For it is usually the darker and colder months of the year during which our bodies have to pick repeated fights with colds, flu and other infections. Vitamin C is well known for supporting the immune system’s own defences. But the water-soluble Vitamin C can do even more.

Natural Vitamin C from acerola cherry is the main component of our capsules. With 162.5 mg per daily intake (1 capsule), the body is provided with a valuable vitamin that not only possesses antioxidative properties and intercepts free radicals, but it is also immensely important for the development of bones, teeth and connective tissue (collagen). In addition, Vitamin C has the ability to improve the processing of iron during digestion.

The acerola cherry is the best choice when it comes to the provision and extraction of natural Vitamin C. It possesses an incredible 1,600 mg of Vitamin C per 100 grams. This makes its Vitamin C content 40 times higher than that of an orange. We have developed these natural Vitamin C capsules since Vitamin C in natural form is always superior to artificial alternatives.

The Vitamin C capsules are complemented through the addition of the bioflavonoid quercetin, which is likewise considered among the strongest antioxidants and offers the body a protective function. Additional ingredients, such as papain, alfalfa, spirulina and barley fibre significantly improve bioavailability, as they have positive effects on the digestive system. As a result, the active nutrients in the Vitamin C capsules can be absorbed and utilised even better.