Tribulus Terrestris – A food supplement for libido and musculature 

Tribulus Terrestris, als1o known as caltrop or puncture vine, is a herbaceous plant found mainly in Africa, Asia and parts of Southern Europe. The root provides a valuable extract that is particularly popular on the fitness and bodybuilding scene. Tribulus Terrestris is considered a "natural anabolic steroid". The extract is used worldwide in the form of dietary supplements, to support natural muscle building. 

Tribulus Terrestris contains various plant substances (saponins), which are plant-based steroid glycosides which can stimulate the body to produce hormones. They can also increase testosterone levels. The advantage of an increased testosterone level is that this has a positive influence on muscle building and it promotes strength and endurance. Your sex life can also benefit from Tribulus Terrestris. By activating the hormone levels, both potency and stamina can be improved and it can also increase sperm production. Because of these properties, many people take Tribulus Terrestris so that they can experience their own sexuality even more intensively. It also increases fertility. 

Before taking Tribulus Terrestris extract, one should be aware of the origin of the plant and its saponin content. Depending on the origin of the plants, this can differ vastly. We use an extract from plants grown mainly in India, for the production of our Tribulus Terrestris Capsules. In our experience, the plants from India have an ideal balance of active ingredients, that promise the best possible quality for our capsules.