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High-quality nutrients for strong hair and radiant skin in 2 capsules a day. 180 capsules

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Skin and hair: True beauty comes from within

Our skin and hair play a major role in whether or not we feel beautiful at any given moment. It is not for nothing that the saying goes, "I feel particularly good in my skin today." Even skin stands for vitality and a healthy lifestyle, thick, shiny hair for health and fertility.

If it were up to the beauty industry, we would have to buy vast amounts of cosmetics for healthy hair and skin. But this is a trend that is relatively new in human history - radiantly beautiful skin and healthy, shiny hair, on the other hand, have always existed. It's no wonder: for thousands of years and in all cultures, beauty questions were asked directly to Mother Nature - and answered by her.

We do the same with our products. With our skin & hair capsules you get two true treasures from Mother Nature into your home: millet seeds and nettle leaf powder. Both ingredients are perfectly coordinated and combined with an extra of other valuable ingredients in one capsule. Read here how to nourish your body from the inside and what effect stinging nettle and millet have on skin, hair and general well-being.

Hair needs to be nourished from the inside out

No matter if black or blond, curly or straight: For thick dream hair on the head, the hair roots must be optimally nourished and the scalp must be cared for. Often, expensive shampoos and treatments are used, which coat the hair with a shiny silicone layer, but offer nothing in the way of nutrients. The hair only looks visually healthy - the scalp, on the other hand, can still be irritated or even itchy and the hair, despite its chemical shine, weak and brittle.

If you want to do something good for your hair and scalp in the long term, you should instead rely on an optimal supply of nutrients and the power of nature. For example, with our skin & hair capsules.

The stinging nettle: from medicinal plant to "weed

The stinging nettle, in this country labelled by many as a weed and fought with iron discipline, is in fact one of the oldest medicinal herbs of mankind. It has been collected and valued for its healing powers for thousands of years. Not only dried as nettle tea does it find its way into the kitchen: freshly harvested seasonally and in the form of smoothies or even pesto, nettle is unexpectedly delicious and versatile. Even if it doesn't like to be touched, stinging nettle has earned its permanent place in folk medicine alongside camomile, calendula & co.

Beautiful hair thanks to nettle: What are the benefits of nettle powder?

Nettle powder is a veritable treasure trove of nutrients: It is rich in antioxidants, valuable secondary plant substances and has numerous, highly concentrated minerals and trace elements. These include chlorophyll, acetylcholine, serotonin, histamine, glucokinin, gallic, tannic and silicic acid, vitamins B2, C, E and K1, minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, iron and phosphorus.

These nutrients are said to have a positive influence on skin and hair, as well as general well-being. By the way, this is not only true for us humans: Already centuries ago, horse traders fed their animals more nettles. The result: an increased temperament, an even, shiny coat and thus a higher sales price.

With the healing power of stinging nettle, you too can support your mane from the inside out and help it achieve its full brilliance.

Millet: From "poor man's food" to healthy superfood

Millet has been an indispensable staple food for thousands of years - at least in Asia and Africa. In our latitudes, however, the small-grained cereal ekes out a shadowy existence alongside wheat, potatoes, maize and co. - its reputation as the "poor man's fruit" weighs too heavily on it. This unflattering nickname was given to millet because it is particularly undemanding and could therefore be stored well in the cities and distributed during famines. But millet is rightly celebrating a great comeback! Because it is much more than just undemanding: millet is naturally gluten-free and therefore particularly well tolerated. With its multitude of vital substances, it is even a true superfood and provides more protein than a steak. Its abundance of valuable nutrients, trace elements and antioxidants ensures that the long-forgotten millet has found its place in hipster eateries and colourful bowls - and in our skin & hair capsules.

Millet: Effects and benefits of the gluten-free grain

Millet contains more iron than any other cereal and is considered a particularly good source of this essential trace element. As already mentioned, millet even contains more iron than a steak. Iron is particularly important for blood formation, but it also has other functions in the human body. These include oxygen transport and cell division. In order for iron to be absorbed by the body in the best possible way, it should always be taken with foods containing vitamin C, such as our skin & hair capsules and the nettle leaf powder they contain. Millet, like stinging nettle, is also a very good source of secondary plant compounds. Its antioxidant effect is even equated with that of fruit and vegetables. Its high content of magnesium, zinc B vitamins, dietary fibre, healthy fats and fluorine is also giving millet more and more prominence.

Millet is therefore much more than just a filling grain. The ancient medicinal plant, which is used extensively in traditional folk medicine, is a valued remedy for many ailments due to its highly effective ingredients and nourishing aspects.

To further increase the effect of our skin & hair capsules, we have added other important nutrients to them: Field horsetail extract, L-cysteine, zinc, niacin, copper, pyridoxine, thiamine, folic acid and D-biotin make an important contribution to skin, hair and general well-being.
Content: daily dose 2 capsules
Vitamin B1 1,1 mg 100%
Niacin 16 mg NE 100%
Vitamin B6 1,4 mg 100%
Biotin 100 µg 200%
Folic acid 200 µg 100%
Copper 2 mg 200%
Zinc 10 mg 100%
Milletseed extract 400 mg  
Stinging nettle leaf extract 400 mg  
Horsetail extract 100 mg  
L-Cystein 100 mg  
Papain 10 mg  
Spiruina 10 mg  


Recommended dosage:
take 2 capsules daily with lots of liquid during a meal


Millet seed extract (Panicum miliaceum L.), Stinging nettle leaf extract (Urtica dioica L.), Capsule (Glazing Agent (Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose)), Horsetail extract (Equisetum arvense L., aerial parts), L-Cysteine, Niacin (Nicotinamide), Zinc bisglycinate, Papain, Spirulina powder (Spirulina platensis (Gomont) Geitler, whole plant), Copper bisglycinate, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine hydrochloride), Vitamin B1 (Thiamin hydrochloride), Folate  (Pteroylmonoglutamic acid), Biotin (D-Biotin).


Vegetarian yes
Lactose free yes
Sugar free yes
Vegan yes
Gluten free yes
GMO free yes


Milk no
Eggs no
Gluten no
Sulfur no
Fish no
Crusteceans no
Molluscs no
Lupins no
Soya Beans no
Mustard no
Celery no
Sesame no
Peanuts no
Nuts no