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```html Burn Calories Day and Night: With Keto Day Burn & Keto Night Burn Capsules Stay fit throughout the day, relax into the night: With our natural dietary supplements, we...

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Burn Calories Day and Night: With Keto Day Burn & Keto Night Burn Capsules

Stay fit throughout the day, relax into the night: With our natural dietary supplements, we want to help you stimulate your metabolism while still being able to enjoy a well-deserved night's sleep. To effectively lose weight, one must consistently burn calories. However, a healthy metabolism is only possible when the body is optimally supplied with all the necessary nutrients and vital substances - at all times of day and night. That's why we, at Surpresa Natural, have developed Keto Day Burn and Keto Night Burn. 

Keto Day Burn Capsules help boost your metabolism with selected ingredients, keeping you vital throughout the day. Keto Night Burn Capsules keep your metabolism active even during the night. The carefully selected ingredients do not disturb your sleep but rather promote it. Because restful sleep is also essential for successful weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. 

Learn what makes our Keto Day Burn and Keto Night Burn Capsules so special. 

Keto Day Burn: Natural Dietary Supplement with Green Tea Extract, Ginger, Caffeine, and Cayenne Pepper

Active throughout the day with a boosted metabolism: That's what our Keto Day Burn Capsules are designed for. We rely on a carefully curated combination of the following natural ingredients:

Green Tea Extract has similar activating properties to coffee but is generally better tolerated. Besides the included vitamins A and B12, it's the flavonoids that positively influence our metabolism. That's why Green Tea Extract is a crucial component in our Keto Day Burn Capsules. With a total of 390 mg per daily dose, the body is supplied with secondary plant substances and natural antioxidants that protect cells from harmful influences.

Ginger is indispensable in our Keto Day Burn Capsules because the rhizome with its active ingredient Gingerol is known for its metabolism-boosting properties. Additionally, the miracle tuber is rich in essential nutrients such as vitamins B3, B5, B6, C, and E, as well as folic acid, riboflavin, and niacin. Our capsules contain 240 mg of ginger.

Caffeine is arguably the world's most popular stimulant, often consumed in the form of a morning cup of coffee, which is also considered to aid digestion. At Surpresa Natural, we also rely on the most tried and true of all pick-me-ups: Our Day Burn Capsules, therefore, contain 50 mg of caffeine.

Cayenne Pepper heats up the body with its active ingredient Capsaicin and is mentioned in many diet recommendations and recipes. However, much like ginger, not everyone enjoys the spicy taste. Taking it in capsule form is more manageable: Our high-quality Keto Day Burn Capsules contain 90 mg of the fiery spice, which is actually not pepper at all but a type of chili, named after the port city Cayenne in Guiana.

Keto Night Burn Capsules: Losing Weight While Sleeping with Ashwagandha and More

Slim while sleeping: What sounds like a dream is actually a reality - at least in a distant sense, as we spend about a third of our lives in bed. Good sleep is crucial for successful weight loss. While we blissfully dream (about our new figure?), our body works on fat burning, releasing hormones that not only have a positive effect on our psyche but also on our metabolism.

Keto Night Burn Capsules support this process precisely: The combination of ingredients including Ashwagandha (also known as "Sleep Berry") promotes a calm and restful night's sleep, while Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Green Tea Extract, Cissus Quadrangularis, L-Carnitine, and L-Tyrosine activate metabolism - all without disturbing your sensitive sleep rhythm.

Natural Dietary Supplements from Surpresa Natural: Highest Quality and Bioavailability

By taking Surpresa Natural capsules, you make a valuable contribution to your personal well-being. The manufacturing process of our capsules is entirely free of synthetic additives and unwanted solvents. You receive a well-dosed, purely plant-based, and high-quality natural product with the highest bioavailability.