800 mg L-lysine per daily dose (2 capsules). 120 capsules

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The Importance of L-Lysine for the Human Body and Its Functions

For the human organism to function smoothly, it requires proteins, also known as amino acids, present in every cell of the body, controlling various vital processes, including muscle building. Proteins are composed of amino acids, some of which the body can produce on its own, while others must be obtained through diet. L-Lysine is one of the eight essential amino acids that the body cannot produce independently.

The significance of L-Lysine for the human body is evident in its diverse functions: it plays a crucial role in the formation of enzymes, hormones, and antibodies. Additionally, it supports cell division, promotes wound healing, and contributes to bone growth. A well-known protein formed by L-Lysine is hemoglobin, present in red blood cells and responsible for the red color of blood. Hemoglobin transports oxygen from the lungs through the bloodstream to the cells in the tissues.

L-Lysine thus performs numerous essential tasks, and its daily intake through food significantly influences the everyday functionality of the body. Especially for physically active individuals, sufficient L-Lysine intake is important as it promotes muscle building and supports effective recovery after intense training.

Foods Rich in L-Lysine and Supplementation through Capsules

The highest amounts of L-Lysine are found in animal foods, especially in pork and beef, as well as in fish. Eggs, cheese, legumes, and seeds such as lentils, soybeans, and peanuts are also rich in this essential amino acid. Even in cereal products, L-Lysine is present in small amounts, emphasizing the importance of rice and buckwheat in the diet.

For those unsure about whether they are obtaining sufficient L-Lysine through their diet or have an increased need, capsules offer an additional source. Daily intake can help bridge any nutritional gaps, making a valuable contribution to daily well-being.
Content per capsule: daily dose 2 capsules
 *% NRV
L-Lysine Hcl 1000 mg
- of which is L-Lysine 800 mg

 *NRV% = % Nutrient reference value

Recommended dosage:
take 2 capsules daily with lots of liquid during a meal


L-Lysine Hcl, Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose


Vegetarian yes
Lactose free yes
Sugar free yes
Vegan yes
Gluten free yes
GMO free yes


Milk no
Eggs no
Gluten no
Sulfur no
Fish no
Crusteceans no
Molluscs no
Lupins no
Soya Beans no
Mustard no
Celery no
Sesame no
Peanuts no
Nuts no