Immune Booster Set - Natural Zinc + Natural Vitamin C

```html High-Dose Vitamin C and Zinc: Powerful Duo for a Strong Immune System Whether in a pandemic, during the dark season, flu season, or daycare viruses: It is never wrong...

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High-Dose Vitamin C and Zinc: Powerful Duo for a Strong Immune System

Whether in a pandemic, during the dark season, flu season, or daycare viruses: It is never wrong to naturally strengthen your own defenses and prepare for emergencies. With our bundle "Immune Booster," you are doing just that: This dietary supplement, consisting of high-dose Vitamin C and valuable Zinc, supports your body in maintaining a robust immune system even in emergencies.

High-Dose Vitamin C: The Classic for a Strong Immune System

Vitamin C is known and popular for actively supporting the immune system. However, the water-soluble vitamin can do even more: It possesses antioxidative properties and neutralizes free radicals. Additionally, it is crucial for the formation of bones, teeth, and connective tissue (collagen). Moreover, Vitamin C can improve the digestion's utilization of iron.

Vitamin C is naturally present in many foods, but it is not always sufficiently absorbed and utilized through diet in a busy daily routine. As the human body can process natural nutrients much better than synthetically produced products, we have developed these 100% natural Vitamin C capsules with the best from the Acerola cherry. The small Mexican miracle fruit is a true Vitamin C bomb, as its Vitamin C content is about 40 (!) times higher than that of oranges. With a daily dose of 162.5 mg (1 capsule), you supply your body with this valuable vitamin.

Zinc: Small Amount, Big Impact

Zinc is a mineral classified as an essential trace element. Zinc plays a crucial role in the function of about 300 enzymes in cellular metabolism and is therefore indispensable for various processes in our body, including a well-functioning immune system. While the human body only needs zinc in small quantities, it cannot produce it on its own. Hence, sufficient intake through diet or high-quality dietary supplements is essential.

Because the trace element zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, hair, nails, and bones, it plays a vital role in the immune system, fertility, and a functional acid-base metabolism – just to name a few examples of zinc's importance. Especially when there is an increased need for zinc, as is the case with athletes, pregnant or breastfeeding women, ensuring adequate zinc supply is crucial to prevent a deficiency. Vegetarians and vegans should also monitor their zinc intake carefully because a plant-based diet involves a high intake of phytic acid, which forms an insoluble compound with zinc. This makes zinc unavailable to the body. Our vegan zinc capsules contain pure buckwheat extract – nothing else. Buckwheat extract is particularly rich in zinc, providing a 100% natural source. With just one capsule per day, you supply your body with 25 mg of this valuable mineral.

Dietary Supplements from Surpresa Natural: Highest Quality and Bioavailability

The combination of Vitamin C and Zinc ensures that your immune system is prepared for all eventualities. These two products complement each other, resulting in a significantly better effect than taking the products individually. By taking "Surpresa Natural" capsules, you contribute to your personal well-being. The manufacturing process of our capsules is entirely free of synthetic additives and unwanted solvents. You receive a well-dosed, purely plant-based, and high-quality natural product with the highest bioavailability.