Vitamin B12

500 µg vitamin B12 per daily dose (1 tablet). 240 tablets

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Vitamin B12: What Effect Does It Have in the Body?

There are vitamins and nutrients that the human body cannot remain healthy, fit, and efficient without in the long run. Vitamin B12 definitely falls into this category because it is essential, meaning vital, for our body. As part of the Vitamin B complex, Vitamin B12 plays a unique role: Unlike some other vitamins, B12 cannot be produced by the body itself and must therefore be obtained through diet and, if necessary, through supplements.

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) is particularly needed for numerous metabolic processes in the body. Additionally, it contributes to, among other things, the normal formation of red blood cells and the normal functioning of the nervous system.

In Which Foods Does Vitamin B12 Naturally Occur?

This water-soluble vitamin is exclusively found in animal foods, as it is produced in their intestinal flora with the help of specific bacteria. The food with the highest content of Vitamin B12 is liver, closely followed by eggs and milk. Especially for vegetarians and vegans, the intake of Vitamin B12 supplements is often advisable.

Vitamin B12 Tablets by Surpresa Natural: High-Dose, Natural, and Vegan

Our Vitamin B12 tablets contain Methylcobalamin and Adenosylcobalamin – two bioactive forms of Vitamin B12. Methylcobalamin is particularly beneficial for nerves, blood, and DNA, while Adenosylcobalamin makes a significant contribution to energy production in the mitochondria, the powerhouses of cells. Our Vitamin B12 tablets also include a combination of Papain and Spirulina. These special ingredients contain saponins and natural enzymes that significantly improve the bioavailability of Vitamin B12. This not only makes it easier for the vitamin to be absorbed but also naturally supports the digestive system.

Content per tablet: daily dose 1 tablet
 *% NRV
Vitamin B12 500 µg 20000%

 *NRV% = % Nutrient reference value


Recommended dosage:
take one tablet daily with lots of liquid during a meal


Cellulose, Papain, Spirulina, Methylcobalamine, Adenosylcobalamine


Vegetarian yes
Lactose free yes
Sugar free yes
Vegan yes
Gluten free yes
GMO free yes


Milk no
Eggs no
Gluten no
Sulfur no
Fish no
Crusteceans no
Molluscs no
Lupins no
Soya Beans no
Mustard no
Celery no
Sesame no
Peanuts no
Nuts no