Let your beauty shine - How eating right affects your well-being and physical appearance

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Food is a vital element of your lifestyle. It decides how you feel as well as how you appear on the outside. Some people tend to believe that exercise and expensive makeup are enough to impact your looks. However, what you eat is what decides your inner and outer well-being.

The right food supplies crucial nutrients to your cells. These nutrients further rejuvenate your body from within to give you the best health results. Simply put, nutritious food makes you glow on the outside and enhances your beauty.

Let’s have a look at how eating right impacts our overall well-being and makes our physical appearance better.

What comprises the ‘right diet’?

Experts across the globe have stressed on the importance of a balanced diet because of its varied benefits. Here’s what you can put on your plate to form a balanced diet:

  • Legumes, Fruits, and Vegetables: These contain vitamins, dietary fiber, and minerals. These are filling foods and are low in calories.
  • Grains: Bread, Quinoa, Brown Rice, Oats, etc.
  • Poultry, Eggs, Nuts and Seeds, Tofu, etc. (Protein, Fibre, Iron)
  • Dairy: Yogurt, Milk, Cheese.
  • Healthy Carbohydrates: Pasta, Potatoes, Rice, Bread.
  • Water, instead of Carbonated or Canned Drinks


Note: You should consume these healthy foods in the right proportion. Overeating leads to obesity, lack of energy, and other health problems.


How eating right affects your outer beauty

What you eat will impact your looks. Let’s see how:

  • Skin: Healthy food produces collagen (protein). This affects skin elasticity. You must have noticed women above 50 take supplements to make their skin tighter. You can avoid loose skin issues by eating right. Collagen also prevents wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines. You should avoid sugary foods like candies, cupcakes, etc. Sugar breaks down collagen and results in poor skin quality.
  • Weight: Healthy weight loss cannot be achieved in the absence of a healthy diet. Whole foods are the ideal way to achieve your goal weight. These foods keep you full for a long time and are packed with beneficial nutrients. Some great whole foods are salmon, chicken breast, potatoes, green vegetables, and apples.
  • Hair: Nourishment-rich food helps keep hair shiny, healthy, and strong. Hairfall, dandruff, and other problems arise out of nutrient-deficiency. You should supply your body with nutrients like Vitamin A, B, E, and C. These are present in nut butter, fish, oranges, and eggs.
  • Eyes: Carotenoids are great for eyesight. These are pigments present in kale, green peas, and spinach. They make your eyesight sharper and improve their sparkly appearance. Carotenoids are vital for your optic nerves and must not be ignored.
  • Lips: No amount of lip scrubs, butter, or roll-ons can heal chapped lips without the right nutrition. Hydration is the key to soft, supple, and gorgeous pink lips. Avoid caffeine, spicy, and salty foods to keep your lips from getting dry. Some foods that make your lips supple are chia seeds, almonds, broccoli, and spinach.
  • Teeth: Tooth decay and gum problems are very common nowadays. These can be kept at bay by maintaining a good diet and dental hygiene. Avoid sugary drinks, candies, and chocolates as they are the leading cause of tooth decay.


Healthy Eating: An Effective Checklist

Healthy eating does not involve intermittent fasting, skipping meals, staying on a water diet, or indulging in monthly cheat meals. Instead, it is a lifestyle that includes nutrient-rich food intake, exercise, meditation, etc. These form part of a routine that improves your well-being with consistency.

So to kickstart your healthy-eating journey, here is a checklist that you can follow for a healthy, happy, and content lifestyle.


1.     Track Macros and Count Calories

Counting calories is the first step to healthy eating. Males and females have different minimum calorie requirements. You must research and find out how many calories your body needs. Once you start, you’ll start feeling healthier in just a few weeks.

Secondly, tracking macronutrients is also equally important. All calories are not equal. They don’t provide the same amount of energy. For example, 100 calories of sprouts are very different from 100 calories from chocolate.

100 calories of chocolate are lesser in quantity than 100 calories of sprouts. Moreover, the nutritional quality of sprouts is much superior to that of chocolate.


2.     Do Not Eat Processed Foods

Processed foods are the worst among health hazards. They are not just hard to digest, but also cause a lot of digestion issues. You should consider eating whole foods instead of processed food to avoid health problems.

Whole foods are those that are completely natural and unprocessed or have undergone bare minimum processing. These foods are organic and a gift for your health. Whole foods are loaded with nutrition and help keep your body super-healthy.

Fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains are whole foods. These must be a part of your daily meals. You can indulge in a cheat meal once or twice a month. However, whole foods should become part of your daily routine.


3.     Mindful Snacking

Snacking is a terrible habit if your calorie intake is sourced from junk food. A packet of chips, a bar of chocolate, a pack of cream-filled cookies, or even a slice of cheesecake contains calories that could make up two whole meals!

So while you’re enjoying your third ‘small’ packet of crackers, you’ve probably eaten two full meals in calories. Avoid this habit by adopting mindful snacking.

Have a couple of almonds, an apple, a banana, a carrot, or a sweet potato instead of junk food. These are low in calories but have great nutritional value.


4.     Say No To Sugar

Who doesn’t pop in one candy or two in their mouth with every trip to the refrigerator, right? Sugars from packaged savory foods and desserts are extremely unhealthy. These sweet things are enemies to your body and you must avoid them.

Artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors contain the worst kind of sugar and result in obesity, diabetes, and other health problems if over-consumed. So if you find yourself picking up a can of soda or a giant bar of chocolate, go for the water bottle and fruit instead.

In a few weeks, you’ll feel the change yourself.


5.     Manage Meal-Portions

Mindful eating is another important element of this healthy-diet checklist. When you see a lot of food, your brain tricks you into finishing it. The next time you see this food, it seems like a normal portion to you. Here’s where the trouble begins.

You should eat in smaller portions to manage your calories. This way, you won’t feel the urge to snack frequently. You will be able to effectively manage your daily calorie intake if you resort to mindful eating.


How does a healthy diet affect you physically? 

Once you follow our healthy-diet checklist, these are the visible changes you will notice physically. Cheer up! Here’s the beginning of your health journey!

  • Decreased Hunger Pangs
  • High Energy Levels
  • Better Sleeping Pattern
  • Decreased Bloating
  • Happier Mood
  • Faster Metabolism
  • Healthy and Beautiful Looking Skin
  • Weight Loss


Coupled with regular exercise, you will see more prominent changes. So don’t wait, and start eating healthy today!


How does unhealthy eating impact your body?

Unhealthy eating not only makes you feel terrible on the inside but can also lead to several diseases. Furthermore, a poor diet is also associated with poor mental health, low energy, skin problems, and a drop in overall well-being.

Here are some of the consequences of a bad diet:

  • Obesity
  • Dental Problems
  • Increased Blood Pressure
  • Anxiety
  • Cholesterol Issues
  • Increased Risk of Heart Attacks and Strokes
  • Diabetes
  • Eating Disorders


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Healthy-eating should not be a short-term goal, rather it should be a long-term healthy living goal. We’ve established that the right diet can miraculously benefit your outer appearance as well as your health. Now, it’s your chance to start living a healthier life.

We endeavor to deliver the best dietary supplements to assist you in your quest for natural beauty as well as health journey. We promise you that once you incorporate healthy elements in your daily food intake, you’re sure to feel more confident, energetic, healthy, and content.